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Geometries inheriting P.y from points of the same id attribute

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Hey guys,

How would you go about flattening each one of these geometries? 

Basically I have a point scatter coming from one side (each point has an @id attribute), on the other side this squared geo on each point.

Each squared geo has same @id as one point assigned to it .

I would like each point on the squared geo to inherit the P.y of the scatter. basically if a squared geo has points with @id = 1  then for each point of @id=1 then I would like  them to inherit the P.y of the point of @id=1 of the scatter.

Basically I would like each squared geo to be flat.

Hope it kind of makes sense to you haha.

I'll join a hip file , maybe it will be easier to understand.




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Append Point Wranger SOP and change Attribute To Match parameter (on Binding Tab) to @whatever_id_you_used_on_both_geo (my_id) and then bellow code will just work:

@P.y =  v@opinput1_P.y;


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