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DeepEXR to point cloud—how do I do this?


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I have a DeepEXR file that I need to bring into SOPs and manipulate as points, with the Cd attribute and Normal attached. Perusing the docs, I didn't see any obvious way to do this.


Update: Figured it out.

Drop down a geo node, add an attribute wrangle, set it to Detail, then use teximport() to get the resolution of your deep EXR, loop over the pixels, then use dsmpixel() on the deep EXR to grab the values in the file, and finally use addpoint() and setpointattrib() to create your points and add the attributes. You'll also need a matrix to transform the points to the perspective of the camera used to generate the deep EXR. Once you've got all that, the VEX runs super fast and you can view the results in the viewport.


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Answered my own question
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