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How do you render popcolor in popnet?

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I've got a popnet inside a geo node that takes in a sphere as the first context.

And in the popnet there is a popcolor.

That shows up in the scene view but not in the render view.

Is the popcolor just for the scene view? To render something do you have to have a material attached?


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I think this depends mainly on what render engine you are using. Mantra is pretty good at picking up "standard" attributes like Cd (which is the color attribute made by popcolor) and apply it as the color of whatever material your object has unless you override it in the shader. However, this might be different for other render engines. I know redshift does not pick up attributes like this by default, you'll have to add the CD attribute to the base color manually to get it there.

Beyond that, I don't think I can say much more without having a look at your scene itself. A quick tip is that people on this forum are very open to download and have a look at your setup to help troubleshoot it so don't feel afraid to attach your hip files to your posts!

Hope that can help solve your issue!

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