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Reverting overrides on instances

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Hi. I'm making a tool that uses alot of instancing to assemble a level in Unity. I've come up against some issues with the way Houdini engine overrides lots of properties on each instance that you may not want. You can control a few overrides via the Unity attributes but lots of other attributes will also be overridden. Instead I found it better to revert all the overrides that occur with the instancing so that each prefab can be set correctly upfront. To do this I attach a script via the Unity script attribute which looks a bit like this:

    private void GetInstancedOverrides()

        foreach (var childTransform in GetComponentsInChildren<Transform>())
            if (childTransform.gameObject.name.Contains("Instance"))


    private void FixedInstancedOverrides()
        foreach (var childTransform in InstancedObjs)
            PrefabUtility.RevertPrefabInstance(childTransform.gameObject, InteractionMode.UserAction);
        Debug.Log("Fixup fired");

The issue is this fires to early and breaks rebuilds or recooking of the HDA. i used editor coroutines to delay running these functions which does work but I wanted to ask if there was a good way to latch onto the event of the HDA to say the cook or rebuild had finished?

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Can i get this moved to the Games area instead of the Tools please i feel it is more appropriate there

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