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TOPs/PDG: Rendering Specific Combinations of Wedges

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I've used a series of wedge nodes to produce a huge batch of wedged files (300k renders), comprised of 5 wedge attributes. The client wants me to render specific target combinations of wedges (so each render would be comprised of its own unique combination of wedge indexes: 0, 7, 7, 12, 3) for a total of ~4,000 renders.

Is this possible to do with nodes, or does it require some form of scripting?


P.S. I have a spreadsheet showing every combination of wedges - maybe some sort of .csv import is possible?

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Okay, so I think I am on the right track: CSV import node. I've gotten it to correctly read each column from the spreadsheet as an attribute, and populate each row with the correct wedge numbers.

What I'm struggling with now is how to plug it in. If I place the CSV Import node after my wedge nodes, I get an error saying that my attributes from my CSV Import node conflicts with the attributes from the wedge nodes (aren't they supposed to match?)

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