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Melting Icecream: dealing with control of viscosity with Cd


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My goal that im trying to achieve is to melt ice cream with a flip sim using viscosity and have it be driven by attributes over the period of Sim. i fairly new. but i have managed to get the *ice-cream ball to only activate when the object passes by the ice-cream. I have a few main issues.

for reference this is the kind of melting im looking to achieve

1. i have figured out how to color the point volume of said icream and group it into points i want to be activated and ones that i don't and also to vary the level of viscosity (problem) it does not seem to read it in in the dop sim. 
2 another main issue i have is that ice cream melts in 2 ways.. The overall form then also the melt happening from the outside in where it is a runoff and it loses mass form the outside in.

i have been racking my brains and went to this link in the OD forum from 2014 and it kind of is exactly what im looking for but at the same time not. 

anyone willing to help id be forever grateful

Here is the file im working on 



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So I gave it a quick try and I guess your setup is pretty solid in what it does. Actually I didn't go through all your nodes, I just added a flipsource node in your IceCream Object. I think the problem was, your Source wasn't filling the whole volume with Particles...

Also I think that the influence object for melting should be much more subtle so it does not happen very quickly. I don't know if this is what you were looking for...








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