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"Over" composite changes color of BG


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Hi guys,

I was hoping I could get some help. I just want to overlay one image over another.
But the "Over" composite method changes colors.

How can I retain these and just layer them unto one layer?


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Using "Exclusive Or" with "Maximum" as the Alpha Operation kindof seems to work, altho with some artefacts. (Particularly when using multiple inputs like this on a Layer COP)

But still wondering; what's happening with the "Over"? Shouldn't this be the most common and easiest operation? Or am I missing the mathematical ormtechnical definition of 'Over' somehow?

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My guess is your images dont have a proper alpha. The over expects an alpha doesnt find one so it doesnt know what you want to keep so its doing some kind of blend which is changing your colours.

Hit A over the viewer to check the alpha.

You can use a channel copy to copy one of the channels to an alpha.

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