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Rhythm & Hues Studios: Effects Apprentice Program


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Rhythm & Hues Studios'

Effects Apprentice Program

The R&H Apprentice Program is designed to give participants the opportunity to gain valuable production experience and the chance to work with a talented group of dedicated professionals in a collaborative, energetic environment. This program is designed to identify candidates who may be suitable for entry-level Technical Director positions in our studio.

Projected to start the beginning of February 2007, the Effects Apprentice Program is 3 weeks in duration with the first half consisting of training, second half on a simulated production, and ending with an evaluation. You will work with our best artists and supervisors to learn how we create images through a combination of formal classroom instruction and informal collaboration. You will be using Houdini as well as in-house simulation and rendering tools. While some participants may be extended as long-term freelance artists after evaluation, participation in the R&H Apprentice Program does not guarantee employment within the company. This is a paid apprentice program. Housing is supplied for out of town apprentices.

Application packages must be submitted or postmarked by January 31, 2007 and should include:

* Cover letter and resume

* Resume including explanation of 3D software experience

* Demo reel (DVD or VHS only) **Please, no CDs, websites or original works of art**

* Demonstration of attention to visual detail.

* Shot breakdown sheet (including what you did on each shot and what software was used)

* Completed Apprentice Program Application Form

To access this information and the Application documents, please go to our website: http://www.rhythm.com/inside_randh/opportu...pprentice.shtml

Please send completed Application Packages to:

Rhythm & Hues Studios

Attn: Recruitment

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