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MOPs v1.5 now available


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Hey everyone,

A new stable version of MOPs, v1.5, is now available. This encompasses a broad range of new features and bugfixes introduced since v1.4 last May. You can view the whole changelog and download the release here: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases

If you're new to MOPs and don't know what it's about, check out the Houdini HIVE presentation on MOPs from May 2020: 


Thanks to everyone who's helped out by submitting bugs, suggesting features, and of course buying MOPs+.

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Impressive all you have accomplished with MOPS ! @toadstorm

Talking about axis, matrix, edge, orientation  pivot  something MOPS have built many tool, might i ask you, what will you do yourself to orient resulting pieces of a 3d voronoi fracture (clustered piece or not)  so for example if i select every N piece of then, they will find the right edge to rotate, rotate around with the local matrix built?

Have you ever have to face that  Henry ?



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I don't currently have an operator that will place the pivots on specific edges of a packed primitive, though MOPs Reorient can set the local orientations of fractured primitives to match the primitive N of your original polygons. There's an example file included that shows how this works... you voronoi fracture a piece, pack it, then use MOPs Reorient to set the local frames such that the pieces will move directly "outwards" when translated in local +Z.

MOPs Pivot can be used to adjust pivots of packed primitives, but it would be tricky to set them precisely to a specific edge unless you computed that position per-primitive ahead of time and set it as an attribute.

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6 minutes ago, vinyvince said:

Yes, this is not a trivial isn'it Henry @toadstorm? Especially if you need precision and stability to handle that procedurally

Here one example


I'm actually working on an operator that can help procedurally fold up polygon geometry, along its edges. It's going to be a while before it's art directable enough, though. You can follow my progress on Twitter.


6 minutes ago, vinyvince said:

Doesn't MOP reorient compute a better bounding box orientation that the one generate the Sidefx bounding box? Which is non correct...


No, MOPs Reorient creates a kind of orientation offset attribute (p@mops_orient) that the rest of MOPs will use when computing rotations. It means you can change the local orientation axes of packed primitives without having to unpack and repack, which can save a considerable amount of time on heavier scenes. There's an example file included with MOPs that shows how the node is meant to work.

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