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Importing Mocap Position Data, Generating Transforms


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Hi there,

I'm fairly new at this, but I'm working on a pipeline to import AI generated mocap data.  Right now I've been able to import joint positions pretty easily, but I haven't been able to import any joint rotations.

I was able to import all the joint positions as single points, and then did an Attribute Copy to copy the joints of an existing skeleton to these new animated positions in order to have a proper skeleton with a hierarchy.

But I need to generate transforms for all the joint position in order to properly do anything with it.  Do you know a way to do this?  I was thinking somewhere in a Rig VOP network I could iterate through the points and do a "Look At" to the child joint in order to point each joint's axis down the line of the bone but I don't know how to accomplish this.  Seems like there'd be an easier way. 

The Reorient Joints node looks like it does what I want, but it doesn't update the transforms at all.



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It'd be easier to see exactly what is going on if you have a scene file. But it sounds like there's a problem with the way you are trying to initialize the rig data on your raw points.

Rather than trying to transfer transforms from the existing skeleton to your mocap points, it would probably be better to go the other way. Take a skeleton with proper transforms and hierarchy and retarget your mocap data onto that skeleton.

There's a quick start below that goes through it. It's pretty simple set up.

If you're looking for something else, post a scene file and I'll take a look. Been setting up our own mocap pipeline over the last few weeks.




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