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Procedural City in Houdini_FX VOL 1: Building Generator


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Hello and Welcome to HossamFX.org :

Description :

Hello everyone. and welcome to this course procedural City Vol 1 building generator .
One year ago I received an email from one of my customers. He asked me To record a tutorial about procedural City in HoudiniFX and I did it
In this course you will see with me how I can convert those boxes to this nice building Just buy one click.
 step-by-step I will start with you on this journey to see how we can create a smart system  in Houdini FX. This system can decide where to add a window, where to add a balcony  , how to create  procedural UV, and  How to use the imported materials from Quixel megascans , manipulate and modify it.
Using this tool you can generate an infinite number of buildings. I will use those buildings in vol 2 to create a beautiful city.
I will show you how to create every tiny detail you see in this building from scratch !!!
I will stay away from complexity and the use of code .
In addition to procedural modeling skills, this course will give you a broad idea of creating procedural UV’s and manipulating textures .
Creating a PDG network is on our list in this course and the final render will be explored in Mantra & RedShift. Now I'll let you watch this presentation of the final result of testing this system to randomly generate 50 different buildings  !!!

Notice : Watermarked Tutorial, link to download will be sent AFTER 72 hours as maximum
thank you !!!

Course Link : https://www.hossamfx.org/procedural-building-generator

Kind Regards !!!

Hossam Aldin Alaliwi



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