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cache file between recalculate directly

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frame1.jpg.fad6b5e02c3c8001b3ce7505153dd8f5.jpgframe2.jpg.32acdfab2863d1436be5a04bef26750e.jpg6138b885cfeb2_blendf13.jpg.78b174a122569c4f8434316e2595e2eb.jpgframe4.jpg.45a12ac0e8590a481fecda02d118eff6.jpghae cache frHi,

I have particle cache frame1 and particle cache frame3  and want to directly calculate particle cach frame 2.

something  like  "if name1(id1) = name2 (id2) then (P=P1+P2)/2"

my blending is too noisy..


merge export.hip

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