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Houdini-real Flow 4 Plugins Available

Guest xionmark

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Guest xionmark


The Houdini-Real Flow plugins have been updated for Real Flow version 4 and are availabe at:


The source code is on sourceforge at:


The demo file is a bit outdated and I will have it cleaned up and uploaded soon.

There's only a few changes from the RF3 version, I also added a few additional features, will include details in the release notes, they'll be up on sourceforge soon.

After this release I doubt if I'll be able to support the code anymore, too busy on other projects, besides Houdini 9 will soon be out and Real Flow won't be able to offer the flexibiltiy of DOPs which is where my focus is.

There's plenty of Real Flow users and there's a niche for it, and the plugins are pretty stright forward file importers/exporters; so ... should the plugins continue to mature hooray! One thing that would be cool, and probably really easy to do, is to create a particle system primitive in the RF Import SOP and use the incoming RF particle (and/or mesh) stream as additional data for the simulation.

Anywho, it's been a gas, but ... time to move on.

Should be more (free) plugins available over this year, will send notifications.

Cheers! Thanks to everyone I've met through this project, I'm humbled by the talent in this community.


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