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Have Editbable Parameters (not only via Type Properties) on your HDA?

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I noticed that the Camera OBJ node has a tab with parameters that is editable via the Edit Parameter Interface.

Now normally this is not possible with HDA parameters. But these right here act like 'spare parameters'.
How do we get this on our own HDA's? Do you guys think SideFX just did create those with the "On Created" Python script in the Scripts tab?


Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 09.25.44.png

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I have messed around a bit, but I managed to get it to work, I think.

Of the HDA, I added the spare parameters with "Edit Parameter Interface", in the nodes parameter editor.
Then I opened the "Type Properties", went to the "Save" tab and enabled "Save spare parameters". I do not add the parameters in here.
When I click accept, it will scream at me saying that some parameters have been changed, with this I say "No changes"

Now when I place the same HDA down it kept all Spare Parameters.

If I right click on the HDA and click "Save Node Type", it will delete all spare parameters
If I add the parameters to "Type Properties" and "Parameter Interface", the parameters won't be editable anymore

Sometimes you have to re enable "Save Spare Parameters" to make it work again.

I'm not sure why you would want to do this though. It seems a little buggy. But then again, I never used it, so I might be wrong.

Also I have no idea if this will work if you use the HDA for other programs, like inside of Maya or Unreal.

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