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.sim caching AND .bgeo.sc caching randomly stop???

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Dear Houdiniers,


I am doing a heavy FX shot, mostly FLIP colliding with geometry and whitewater from that FLIP.

I need to cache multiple .sim and .bgeo.sc sequences for various different SOP and DOP nets.

It WAS..... all working fine, but now caching anything it seems, whether "save to disk" or "save to disk in background", doesn't work properly.

In save to disk it seems to hang and when in background randomly decides to finish early and jump to 100%.

There seems to be no pattern to the amount of $SF it gets to, at least none I can discern.

I have tried down rezing it and allowing caching to disk to no sucess.

I hope someone can help. This is a shot that may land me my first job in the industry, fingers crossed!





PS: haven't included .hip because it has so much cache all over the place. Should I upload it anyway??



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