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Accessing Custom Point Attributes On Redshift Proxy

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I'm not actually sure if this is possible, and may actually negate even using a Redshift proxy file to begin with, but here goes...

  • Firstly, if I have a bunch of custom point attributes on a mesh before I write out the Redshift proxy, how can I make sure those attributes are written to the proxy file?
  • When I read that proxy file back into the scene, how can I then access those custom point attributes? (without unpacking, as this will probably defeat the purpose of using a proxy to begin with?)

What I'm trying to do:

Let's say I have a sphere with a name attribute (or a group) just on a few points.
I write that out as a Redshift proxy, then bring it back into my scene.
How can I then access that attribute to colour the points, so I can send those colours through to the material via the RS_UserColorData

I realise I can do this first, before writing the proxy to disk, but I would like the control to alter material colours after the fact.

.hip attached if anyone has any ideas?



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