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Where is the document for stateutils?

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According to https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/tool_script.html:


For now, we provide the stateutils module in an attempt to abstract some of the details. You can see usages of the functions in the how to section. The functions in stateutils are geared toward scripting SOP assets.

“Factory” Houdini shelf tools use a variety of internal libraries (toolutils, soputils, doputils, and others). These libraries are undocumented, do not provide good examples of Python usage, and are subject to change/deletion without notice. The plan is to replace them with a higher-level HOM API as mentioned above. However, currently it is sometimes necessary to call functions from those libraries. In the “how to” section below, the code snippets will sometimes call these functions when the user is not interacting in a viewer


Ok, so stateutils is the more high-level API, unlike toolutils/soputils/doputils, right? So where is the documents for stateutils?

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