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Looking for easy ways to model the outside of buildings when using osm importer


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I've imported some buildings using the osm importer and open street maps.

There are some videos online about how to change the external facade and look of the buildings but it def seems quite time consuming and technically challenging getting all the pieces to fit right.

If I have 10-20 buildings I was thinking i could just make my own network and that each building could be modified using that network and there can be some randomness thrown in so each buildings external look is a bit different.

But if anyone else had some thoughts on any alternatives, that'd be great.


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This is a helpful series on how to create buildings based on OSM data and also using the Labs building generator:



One thing you can do is look at the building types in the geometry spreadsheet, and you'll see that each building has a type: Home, business, office, church, shed, garage etc. You could build a type of facade for each type of building and have your loop sort out what goes where based on what the buildings actually are.

The Mapbox sop will even pull color attributes based on the buildings that are actually there in meatspace.


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