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Is the Erik Rig rope jumping example working for you ?


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Found here:



You have to manually download mixamo rope jumping .fbx file, https://www.mixamo.com/#/?page=1&query=rope+jumping&type=Motion%2CMotionPack

and also T-pose from Mixamo


I have some motion on Source Skeleton until: /retarget/fktransfer in output2 (source skeleton)

This is the last node where I see anything moving.

Then this skeleton is Object / Merged in rope_jumping, and used as the BoneDeform for Bonedeform_Erik. It obviously is doing nothing, as the skeleton is still.

Is this an exercise that needs to be completed, or is it supposed to work ? Tested in the latest 18.5 and in 19..


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Found the root cause:


Mixamo no longer exports the names of the joints with the prefix "  mixamorig: "

Can be fixed with a PointWrangle after the FbxAnimImports: 


It makes sense now.....  The skeleton that was moving was just a copy that is carried with the kinefFx sops on output2, but was never really processed because the names didn't match.


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