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Vellum Tet Softbody with Rest Blend Issue


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I am trying to morph a tetrahedral vellum soft body between two shapes using an animated rest blend.

In my setup rest blend works for cloth but does not work when using tet soft-bodies. I've tried troubleshooting by tet conforming the rest blend target but this does not fix the issue.

Is there a step that I am missing or is there a better way to accomplish morphing tet soft-bodies?




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I have figured out the way I went about this is wrong. Tetrahedral soft-bodies create internal tets, and my original method ignored those, creating the broken mesh pictured above. A very naive solution to this would be to re-target the post-tetconfrmed mesh. While this does work for blending between shapes, it ignores stress and preservation of tets, causing unusable geometry (pictured below).

For this method, the shapes are too different for a rest blend of a tetrahedral mesh. I ended up using a tet-softbody of a mesh that was already partially morphed, and increasing the rest blend scale to grow the mesh (not pictured).



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