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vellum bendstiffness give strange value ?


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Hi guys, 

i don't understand what is the internal math done by bendstiffness.

i have a scene with stiffness set to 1 + stiffness multiplicator to 1.

then i have a point attribute bendstiffness that i use as a scale multiplicator set between 10000 and 0.0001. 

i was expecting to get my stiffness between 10000 and 0.0001 but it give me weird values.

to get what i want i had to bypass the feature and do it with a wrangle.

I would be curious to know if someone could explain me why i get those strange values. I have attach a HIP that describe the pb.

Thanks for your time


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Ok gotcha :

As effective changes in stiffness requires painting over orders of magnitude, this has a logarithmic effect.

i don't exactly know what it is , but i'm sure it explain the problem. houdini doesn't do a scale with a basic mult but instead use logarithmic math. 

anyway i don't like it cause it introduce unexpected value that i have not ask. i will use the wrangle option to be sure to control exactly the value i want.



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