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Project Titan stacking tool help


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Hi all

I'm following the Project Titan Stacking Tool Tutorial which is on the sidefx site. Its about using Houdini Engine to create procedural environment tools in Unreal.

In the first lesson the teacher sets up a Struct and a Data Table in Unreal, and then connects the editor to a Houdini session. In lesson two he has an Object Merge node already created within an HDA in Houdini, which he's using to pull in the values from the Datatable in Unreal. This is done via a string that he's entered into the "Object 1" field in the Object Merge node. Where would he have got this string from? He doesn't explain. 

Thanks, Robbie

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This is the video in question, yes? At 0:54 into the video he shows the string you mention, but in the previous episode he talked about setting up the Houdini Session Sync so that Houdini can read live data from UE. When he set up the Object Merge and promoted the parameter to the top level of the HDA, this allowed him to insert the Data Table object into the field in UE. This updated on the Houdini side as a path to the Data Table object.

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