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Consulting for Houdini tet mesh export to gmsh format


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Since Houdini tet embed mesher is very good and very fast I will use it for prototyping, but need next to export the tetrahedron volumetric mesh in a simulation ready format such as gmsh .msh format.


I suppose this can be done directly using Houdini API and gmsh API without going through a mesh file, writing a Python reader from Houdini, then import the data directly in Gmsh using gmsh.model.mesh.addNodes and gmsh.model.mesh.addElements

Another option will be converting Houdini native .geo format in the .msh format. Attached an example of the .geo format containing a tet mesh created in Houdini.

Another path will be using third party converters such as this one



so first exporting Houdini mesh in an intermediate format and next using the converter to create the final .msh mesh

Will leave to the specialist the definition of the best path.

I need an estimate to understand how complex and portabe around Houdini releases the result can be.


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