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Rigid body connected to a soft body string

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I have a rigid body ball which can collide with other objects.  I would like the ball to be attached to one end of string with the other end anchored/pinned to a pole, similar to what you would have in a real tether ball game. The string has to be flexible but not stretch too much. it could be or other form of soft body - it doesn't matter as long as it behaves like a string or rope.  I was able to do this animation using the Bullet solver in Maya (several versions ago), but it is not obvious how to make the string/rope in Houdini and pin/connect it to the ball and pole.   Any suggestions ?

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I think you could do this with Vellum and use the Vellum Shape Match Constraint for the 'rigid' body, and then use Vellum string for the string, with an Attach to Geometry constraint to join the string and ball.


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