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PointCloud Instances Rotation missaligment on export

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I'm exporting a pointcloud of instances to test if everything holds up on others houdini versions or apps so I can be shure if I'm on production and need to share sequences with coworkers they work correctly...

 so I test bgeos and Alembics.. and I found a problem with rotations misalignment for wich I can't find a solution..

I test with a copy node if my output is correct and it is.. but when I do the same on hou 17  they are not

I use orient attribute.. maybe I should convert orient to N and Up via Vex..but I guess the result will be the same..

Is there a robust and universal way of exporting the point rotations to make shure they will be correctly interpreted by any other app?? 

I attach the scene  in a zip, is made with some MOPs because is my main case focus.. I don't think the problem is there, but I leave them anyways...






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