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Adjust Promoted HDA Handles for World Scale

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Hello! Is there any way to adjust the promoted handles on an HDA to adjust for changes in world scale?

I've attached a sample .hip as an example (this is a dumbed down version of the tool I'm working on, for testing purposes). Essentially, the problem I'm having is:

  • I have an HDA that contains a camera 
  • I'm promoting the camera handles to the HDA (using this method)
  • The camera inside the HDA is connected to a null that is scaling it down to .01
  • Now, the handle on the /obj level is setting the parameter as if it's being multiplied by .01

You can see the result in this picture:


For this test, I want the focus distance to be "1". In the viewport, this is displaying correctly. However, in the parameter interface, it is displaying as "100", because that is what it needs to be set to on the actual camera within the node (100 * .01 = 1)

In the .hip file, if you select the "promoted_handles" node, then select "Enter" in the viewport to display the handle, you will see this result. You can compare this to the "regular_camera" node to see the difference (I moved the "Focus Distance" parameters on both of these so it's easier to see)

My desired result here is that I would like everything on the top level to be displayed in /obj level units - so the focus distance in the viewport will visually be set to 1, and it will also be set to 1 in the parameter interface.

Then inside the HDA, I can manually modify the scale on the internal node by multiplying the channel link myself. I just want to make sure the parameters presented to the user on the top level make sense.

Is this possible?


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