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Copy CHOP stamping problem

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I'm having a problem with copying some audio samples onto triggers in CHOPs. I've used the copy CHOP before and I don't remember it being as flaky as it is now so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. My setup works when I load my scene but it doesn't update when I change anything so I have to shut H and reopen it to force it to refresh.

I've got a sequence of triggers and I've got a folder of samples of musical notes [.wavs] and the idea is to pick a note per trigger, but they should be in a particular key... so I've written a simple bit of python to give me a file number then I'm stamping that number in a file CHOP to pick the right file.

I don't get any errors and it works until I change anything in the incoming trigger channel, at which point the copies update to be at the right time etc but they all use the same file - and not the one specified by the third argument to the stamp function oddly, until that is I edit that function! In order to get it to work again I have to close and reopen.

It's like the memory needs flushing or something, I've tried switching everything to unload but that doesn't do anything.


Thanks for reading

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update :       ***!I found a work around!***

I thought I'd make a demo scene to post here and in doing so changed the name of the chopnet which made it update!

It's still a bit of a faff because I need to reset the audio panel output CHOP every time but much faster than restarting Houdini. I thought I might be able to make a secondary chopnet and fetch the output from the main one into that and point the audio panel to it but that doesn't work oddly.

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