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Viewport behave weirdly and depth of field doesnt work

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I have simple setup which appears differently in Houdini GL (1st screenshot) and Karma (2nd screenshot) mode. It seems like view angle of camera changes, but it shouldnt. I shared this project with my friend, and he doesnt had this problem on his machine. Also depth of field doesnt work at all - no matter what apurture/focus distance  settings i put in camera. (Yes, karma "depth of field" checkbox are checked)

This problems appears in every project i create. I tried to install exact same version of houdini that my friend has, but problem remain unsolved. I couldnt find anything even some-way-related to this problem so if you have ANY idea why this might be - let me know

Despite this everything seems to work fine, but i just started use houdini - so my "Everything" is very small



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