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Temperature simulation with constant heat injection


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Again a noob question but after hours of research I really don´t now how to solve this and deadline is coming nearer.

I am Building an Laser welding material Effect. I want the Steel to glow when the Laser is hitting it. I think a temperature simulation is a nice way to do it.

The pyrosourcespread does the job quite well but I can´t find a way how to constantly inject heat into the system where the Laser is hitting. The Pyrosourcespread only picks the initial heat.

I know the answer must be quite easy but I really need help on this.



PS: I attacched a handy little demoscene.


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I now remembered that I need the solver.

With Attribute Blur on temperature and a Attribute Wrangle wich handles the cooling (@temperature = @temperature * 0.99;)

So the solver solved the Problem

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