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Adjust displacement scale [Obj node vs Material node]?

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Let me asked differently as well: one geo node for all grids and materials or one geo node for each material?

What is best practice / what would you do?

Plenty of surfaces (some grids and boxes) each has a material (Megascans surface).

Not all surfaces have the same displacement scale, so the displacement scale I need for each megascans surface will be different, because the surfaces are different. Fair enough, I can change the value for each in the material displacement scale. But there is under obj node a displacement scale as well.

Would you:

(1) have all walls and floors and ceilings inside one obj node (e.g. geo1) and tweak the displcement scale in the material node for each material


(2) have an obj node for each material e.g. floor and ceiling share the same material, so floor and ceiling will be both inside a geo node, and other geo nodes are driven by materials, 1 geo node <-> 1 material.



obj node displacement scale.jpg

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