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Ragdoll collision shapes & Configure joints of a spider

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Hello there!

When I click "Bone1", Ragdoll collision shapes adds a collision node to point0. The same happens when I click Bone2, Bone3 or Bone4. How do I add collisions to Bone1 .. Bone4? Should I click respective joints 4, 7, 1 and 8? But that does not seem right.


The node configure joints is similarly puzzling. Does the image bellow mean that the Bone1 will move only in the cone displayed by the sphere? I've noted in a yellow color valid positions that I imagine.


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adjusting the setting like that takes a long time and sometimes just confusing. A easier way to do it is to animate the joints in all the ways you want them to move, create a motion clip and then feed that into the third input of the configure joints node. You have to set the configure joints to read the motion clip from the second input.

the configure joints node will look at all the transforms in the motion clip and set all the constraints up for you.

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