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Redshift Essential Materials for Houdini

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Redshift Essential Materials is set of Houdini presets which have been built as an introduction to the most useful Redshift parameters, features and nodes.

Redshift Essential Materials for Houdini

A collection of 70 pre-build setups for Houdini which demonstrate Redshift’s most important and useful nodes.  Each material includes remarks in the network to explain the nodes.  This library is a great way to learn how particular nodes work in combination with objects in your scene, as many of these examples require the use of the Redshift options available on your geo nodes.

Product Summary

  • 70 Redshift materials with notes
  • Houdini project files for each setup
  • Dispersion, Absorption and SSS effects
  • Wear & tear, dust & surface techniques
  • UV projection, normals, camera, object & world space
  • Using attributes in materials
  • Render points, splines, particles & hair
  • Create wireframes and sprites
  • Render Volumes & OpenVDB files
  • Example scenes for Utility AOVs

Recommended requirements

  • Houdini 19.5
  • Redshift 3.5.06 and above










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