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Reverse pscale attribute direction


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Hi everyone,

Kind of a simple question but can't quite figure it out.

I scattered some points and copied cubes on them, randomized attributes including pscale

I am getting a nice exponential falloff on pscale which is what I want, but its in reverse. I want it to start big at the bottom and gradually taper off to nothing at the top. Basically the exact opposite of what Im getting now (see screenshot).

Any idea how I reverse the direction the exponential falloff is happening?


Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 12.14.27 AM.png


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for some reason I can't seem to get your hip file working properly, it opens the file fine but the pscale is uniform and there is no falloff as shown on your screenshot (perhaps you're using an older versions of houdini?). 

But I made a quick setup to show how you can reverse the pscale, have a look and try it out on your setup. 

Hope it helps! 


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