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Found 149 results

  1. Hey, I´m trying to sort and rearrange points based on their randomized y-scale attribute along a curve. Sadly I only manage to number these points correctly based on the attribute, but fail with rearranging them. I wish to sort them from smallest to highest. The best solution would be to make the distance between the points dependent from the attribute aswell. big scale = more distance between the points, smaller scale = smaller distance between the points thanks a lot already : )
  2. How to use Attribute Fade?

    Just a question for the forum because I only saw one thread from 2016 about fading attributes. How does attribute fade work in H18.5 onwards? I watched some vids on it and can't seem to figure it out using my own attribute and frames that aren't just houdini default 1-120 or so. I'm using maskfromgeometry and got a few frames scattered over 100 where my geo inherits an attribute in various places. It would be nice to have that attribute fade out when the masking geo changes rather than have that attribute present for only 1 frame at a time
  3. Hello. I have a basic sequence of grids intersected with object. I use Smooth node in order to smooth it))) and I like how it functions at the bottom but its too smooth at the top. I want slowly affect the model with smooth node so that it has fool affect at the bottom and low affect at the top. Its not a problem to create attribute that fads away closer to top... The problem is how to use the attribute. When I insert "@scaler" in "strength" param of smooth node it gives me "no local variable found". Help Thanks
  4. i am using python to create a file SOP assign a path and import a bgeo file. After that i am creating some more nodes in my graph and i need a primitive name attribute from that bgeo. From primitive 0 prim = filenode.prim(0) #get first primitive of node filenode name = prim.attribValue("name") #get primitive attribute name This throws an error ----> AttributeError: 'SopNode' object has no attribute 'prim' Is it possible to read the attribute?
  5. I'm stumped here. Searched many threads with no joy. Why can i create newpoints, created with addpoint and correctly place these new points in space, but not be able to store these points as an attribute array on their respective prims? Create newpoints with addpoint() at positions a given mid distance along the half edges of all primitives . This works fine. I want to store the point numbers of these newpoints in an array and store that array as an attribute of the each prim. ..This doesn't work. Sounds simple enough but the code only repeats storing the newly created midpoints of the first prim only on all prims no matter what @primnum the wrangle is processing. in code below, The other polycnrs array and hedgeloop array store the correct, unique point numbers, that belong to each unique prim. I am guessing I must be making some extremely basic error. Really hope someone can set me straight. Thanks in advance vex masters. PS: Hip file Code snippet below : works with input 1 or more prims. example uses 2 (1 triangle, 1 pent). // test slightly more complicated example using half edges. // parameters ------------------ float ratio = chf("ratio"); //------------------------------ int midpts[]; int polycnrs[]; // ------------------------------------------ // get the first hedge of the primitive int hedge = primhedge(0, @primnum); // store initial value for loop below. int start = hedge; // TESTING ----- i@hedgestart = start; int hedgeloop[]; while(hedge != -1){ int src = hedge_srcpoint(0, hedge); // get sorce point number int dst = hedge_dstpoint(0, hedge); // get destination point number vector srcpos = point(0, "P", src); // get the src point postion vector dstpos = point(0, "P", dst); // get dest postion vector diredge1 = dstpos - srcpos; // dir vector from source to dest vector pos1 = srcpos + (diredge1 * ratio); // point from 1 end vector pos2 = dstpos - (diredge1 * ratio); // point from other end int pt1 = addpoint(0, pos1); int pt2 = addpoint(0, pos2); push(midpts, pt1); push(midpts, pt2); push(polycnrs, src); push(polycnrs, dst); // store the current hedge (just a data check) push(hedgeloop, hedge); //------ update to the next hedge before looping again. hedge = hedge_next(0, hedge); if(hedge == start){ // break when get full circle. break; } } //---------------------------- // write to attributes i[]@hedgeloop = hedgeloop; // WORKS i[]@midpts = midpts; // DOESNT WORK i[]@polycnrs = polycnrs; // WORKS
  6. This is probably a dumb question but I'm trying to follow a course to learn Houdini and I'm stuck. I can't get an attribute with Bind node in Attribvop, the attribute I am trying to get is a vertex attribute, I can get the P attr though which is a point attribute. Geometry is imported alembic with vertex maps but it doesn't matter I guess And I have one more question. Seems like the Bind Export node creates points attributes, but in the video I'm trying to follow it creates vertex attributes. So am I missing something, Is it just a difference in houdini versions? Or can you choose what attribute to create? tutor-cubes.hip
  7. Hi Guys, I can't get this simple exemple of texture Path getting @ptnum value from a copystamp, working.. Any help would be great. Thank you. N. CopyStamp_texturePath.zip
  8. Hi people! Justa superquick issue I need to keep the normal direction of the point, so all the heads will be oriented along the normal direction. BUT I would like to randomize their rotation around the Y axis, so they should not be all "looking straight up" but they should be ALL randomly rotated along each of their Y axis. I hope this explanation does make a bit sense. I am attaching the file. Thank you so much for any advice guys! rotY_issue.hipnc
  9. Combine Cd attribute with VOP

    Hello, Simple question I suppose. I have this Cd attribute coming from a measure SOP. But I can't find the way to combine him with a noise VOP. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks combine-cd-attribute.hip
  10. Hi everyone. I have a very basic setup and a problem that can't solve. I cant transfer "density" attribute from volume to particles using POP ATTRIBUTE FROM VOLUME. But I can't transfer color, though it should work in a same way as density attribute transfer. I include here printscreeens so you can see easily. I create te volume, assign color with color SOP. Refer to this color sop within POP ATTRIBUTE FROM VOLUME, refer to Cd as a name of a volume and.... nothink works(. Thank you in a advance.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a question about modeling the dry fruit. I manage to created the shape of normal fruit but cant figure how to create the dry version Does anyone have any idea to create this kind of shape? I'm pleasure to hear your suggestion And also what kind of attribute to can create such gradient in the flower photo? Thank your for your time Ask_Fruit.hip
  12. Hi, I'm trying to do a Sierpinski pyramid. So I quickly made a pyramid, copied this pyramid to it's 5 outers point. At this point I thought "why not make a loop", but here comes my first problem. I needed to select only the outer points, no matter how many iterations I put. So I've made an group range. But this group range has to be updated each iterations, because the "selecttotal1" will change depending on how many point is on the geo. I've made a quick code in an attribute wrangler to retreive this value, using the repeat_end's iterations. But now I can't find a way to use my variable as a parameter for my group range. Is there a way to output a variable in an attribute wrangler so I can use it on another node as a parameter ? If so can someone explain me ? (I'm not that good in code btw so I would be kind of you to explain what does a potential code work )
  13. where I can find the list of global attributes in houdini like pscale animated etc etc .
  14. Hello there, Before in Houdini GamDev has a sop called group by attribute. So if I use name node to group primitives, pack them then just use the group by attribute node Houdini will recreate all the group based on the name attribute I had In Houdini 18.5 it has a node called group from attribute boundary which does similar thing but I can't figure how to set it up so it can auto create group based on name not manually set up each name like in the photo I hope I explained it well. Thank you for reading this
  15. I have tried a lot of stuff and found topics on this problem but nothing seems to work. I want to pass string and float detail attributes to the Font SOP. How can this be done? fontsop.hip
  16. how to use an attribute in a parameter?

    I have an attribute, I want to use that attribute value for a parameter, what should I do?
  17. Hello guys, I have this Bendangle attribute that I am using as a color in my redshift material. I don't have any issue when I convert it to a Cd attribute and then use the RSUserColorData vop node, but because I want to import two attributes, I couldn't convert them both to Cd as I would have two different attributes with the same name. So I am feeding my attribute (RSPointAttribute) to a RSColorConstant to my material and this happens (screenshot). this effect turns up. What am I doing wrong? Tx
  18. Hi all, ** The thing I want to do is to obtain the coords from this kind of file and write vector positions. The positions corresponds to the place and orientation of each photo was taken. I want to track the path in wich the photos was taked. I have a file called cameras.sfm from "structure from motion" created with meshroom app (not inside houdini). I can read the file and split the lines with python, but I don't know how can I give format and write attributes to pass to an object. I'm new coding in python The file has two basic sections: - one called "views" that is an array of specs of a camera... that I don't need, but at the bottom of the file, is an array is what I need to give some format and pass to the attribute in sop level The array starts with the tag "poses": And each "pose" has an Id, maybe could be usefull to write an attribute for the id and others for the vector for the values in transform/rotation and the "center" I have some code for read the file and print/split lines but... I need help, hope you can guide me Thanks in advanced...
  19. Verify that pcclose() is called

    why it gives me this error? and how to solve that?
  20. Hello, inside a polyextrude SOP node i have ticked the "transform extruded front" option and i want to scale depending on the @primnum, but the attribute is not recognized. i am using this expression fit(rand(@primnum * 123), 0.0, 1.0, 0.2, 1.2) there is no zscale attribute equivalent, how can i go about this without creating a foreach loop?
  21. Hi, A hobby project as a vex and python challenge for myself mostly. So, the idea is to "mix" (scramble) attributes like layers in photoshop. If you feel like sinking your teeth into it there's the hda in attachment... and of course, critique and comments are very welcome! V1 and V2 didn't support vectors and things were simpler. This is V3 that I decided to take to the next level. There are 2 functions in the python module for checking the type of attribute being used (float or vector). They toggle invisible parameters in the multiparm, which control the visibility of ramp parameters. (haki.h is embedded into the hda, just so you can see its contents. the attrib wrangle WILL FAIL without it (that is unless you put a copy in $HOME/houdiniXX.X/vex/include), but the attrib VOP won't because it's in its outer code. there's no other difference between the two.) [EDIT 20 Nov 2020] : This is totally broken right now. It outputs the wrong values. Cheers! Hristo
  22. I am trying to create some groups from a "guide groom" node so I can apply different kinds of hair generate later and give more variation to it. How can I get the guides randomly and create the groups from it?
  23. I have particles in my scene. I want to fade out my particles pscale based on controller geo and a falloff. But I want to add a bit randomness to it. In cinema 4d I would just grab a linear field and a random field. In Houdini, my plan was to use a grid with maskfromgeometry and attribtransfer that on the particles. However, this will just scale down all the particles that are in one axis the same way. I have no idea how to add randomness on the particles scale, (I want that some particles scale down faster, and some particles need longer to be scaled down)
  24. as you can see the code below: i[]@values = findattribval(0,"point","random_number",3); for(int i = 0 ; i < len(@values) ; i++) { if(@ptnum == @values[i]) { @pscale = ch('specific_pscale'); } else { if(@ptnum != @values[i]) @pscale = ch('rest'); } } the second if inside the else doesn't work properly. Specific_pscale.hip
  25. I'm trying to make the geometries attached to a sphere (using the "copy to points") to change it's Base Color considering the texture color of the sphere's surface. I've already tried "attribute from map" using the same sphere's texture but the colors are not in the same position.