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[POP Simulation] - Creating something similar like magical streaks (based on realworld reference)

Daniel Voloshkevych

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Hello folks,

I have a picture from the recent DART satellite impact from NASA (see below). I wonder, if there is a way to recreate this impact-streaks-effect in Houdini. 

What I already tried: 
- created a particles simulation (tried to drive a smoke sim on those particles, then use this pyro sim to drive the same particle sim ontop of it - by using the node: "pop advect by volumes")
- created jittered lines form a sphere, but here I am stuck on transfering the velocity attribute to the particles, so that they should move along these jittered lines
Now I am asking this forum to help me recreating this type of effect.

How would you do that?  

Please only explained answers - short answers are useless! :) so, I would appreciate if you take your time to answer this question. :)

Thanks in Advance 




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