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Cache&Surf HDA


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Hello Houdini users!

Last few months I was developing and testing Cache&Surf HDA on a few different projects.

If you ask why it is called Cache&Surf, it is pretty easy! I run multiple sims with different values for selected parameters and on my way to surf some waves. When I come back I select what I like the most and call it a day, or run another set with values close to the one I like the most.

I was keen to get a tool able to run multiple sims and generate flipbook for every sim, locally or over the Deadline. Every simulation version will store .hip file of your sim, so if you delete cache files and want them back, it is pretty easy to retrive it!

All these are part of Houdini, I've just wrap it into HDA, the way I like it.

You can download it here.

Preview in action here.






playblast video.jpg





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