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export python code for OnCreated.py


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Hi, I am studying how to make OnCreated.py by exporting codes with asCode. So far, I understood a procedure:

1 Create a new folder and create some parameters inside of the folder in edit parameter interface on a node.

2 Use findFolder() to take a new folder tab, and write out a python code with as Code. 

3 Create actual a xxx_OnCreated.py that either imports or copy&paste the #2 written code.


Questions are :

1 Can we export multi folder tabs at once as one master code? 

2 Can we export expressions existing in a default parameter AND new folder tabs together, instead of separately? (I know I can manually add this code into OnCreated.py later.. )

I think a problem is that, if we export all folders and parameters including default param&folders,  onCreated.py will get error due to the default one including. That makes this procedures difficult.  


# export new folder and its parameters. Let's say exportTab.py

node = hou.node("/out/geometry1")

ptg = node.parmTemplateGroup()
folder = ptg.findFolder("NewFolder1")

with open('f:/exportTab.py','w') as f:
  f.write( folder.asCode(function_name='createTab') )
##  Questions are 
##  I want to export NewFolder1 and NewFolder2 and NewFolder3 together and do f.write
##  I want to export an expression together, for instance, "/obj/geo1/out_render" in Geometry1 > SOP Path param here, and do f.write.
##  I could manually paste later like a  node.parm('soppath').set('/obj/geo1/out_render')  but ideally export together here..
#Then Let's say this is , Geoemetry_OnCreated.py, and try to attach the exported folder tab and parameters 

import exportTab

node = kwargs['node']

ptg = node.parmTemplateGroup()

defaultFolder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('default', 'Default', parm_templates=ptg.entriesWithoutFolders())
for p in ptg.entriesWithoutFolders():


ht = exportTab.createTab()



Maybe my explanation is confusing, but I hope the code and screenshot help to show what I try to do. 
In other words, in conclusion, with the screenshot, how to export multi tabs&param (#1) and expression(#2:sorry it's empty,,) ?




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