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Tin Foil Cloth Sim

Stephen Moroz

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to simulate a tin foil like material using a vellum cloth sim and am struggling to get it to behave nicely.

Tin foil is obviously very malleable and easy to bend, however when it bends it stays completely still in that shape (it doesn't droop).

I've set the cloth thickness very small, as well as the density, and I've increased the bend stiffness to a point where it generally keeps it's shape when it's bent. I've also enabled plasticity to update the rest shape when it's deformed.

However no matter what I do, the cloth still droops/settles after it has been deformed. Whereas I want it to maintain it's shape completely until a force is applied.

Any ideas as to how I could achieve this?


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Thanks uakin! This was definitely helpful to watch, however from what he said it sounds like the bendiness is a limitation of the solver. You can have the bend stiffness on max and it'll still bend. I think it's hidden somewhat in his example due to disabling gravity, otherwise I'm pretty sure it would sink down gradually.

Perhaps I'll have to find a hacky way to make it work...

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Just an update - I found a method that seems to work. You can create a vellum constraints node in DOPs, set to create strut constraints on every frame. This will connect scrumpled areas and actively try to maintain their shape. You can then enable plasticity on them to update the rest position when it's deformed. Seems to work pretty well, and prevents the sinking/settling.

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