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Applied Houdini Rigids 2 - Version 2 - Animated Constrains with transformpieces issue


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Hi! I'm currently working on some building destruction (applied houdini II v2) and I'm completly stuck because of one node, the "transformpieces". I use it to make my contrains follow the motion of my proxy geometry being simulated, but it just collapses my constrains into a big mess.

Here is what it looks before: (image 2)

And After the transformpieces: (image 1)

And here is what I have in the 2nd input of the transformpieces: (image3 & 4) 

I've looked a bit for this problem on internet and some people had the same issue but got no answers... So I hope anyone will know why this is happening.






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On 3/30/2024 at 2:25 PM, mohammadzand said:

Hi, did you find your problem?

I stuck too

Hi Mohammad ! I reopened my scene to check, and it seems like you just have to put an add sop after the object mergte and set it to "delete geometry but keep the points" and it should solve the problem :) !

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