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Variable (internal) Glue Settings


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please help me to understand the (internal) glue settings.

I have watched the gnomon dvd and searched the forum, but I am missing something ...

My idea was similiar to - or even based on - the thread by MADjestic [1]

I want to use the RDG Color Cube to define different 'glue zones' in a fractured object.

After trying all sort of things, I decided that the setup described in


is the most promising approach to this.

Currently I am far away from reading colors to define values.

In the attached file I set

the glue strength for the 'point objects instanced' in rbdstate1 to:

if ($OBJ > 3, -1, 0)

I read this as: all object after the third should stick together for ever, the first three break on first contact. The forth also gets loose, but this doen't matter as this is a simulation and I am aware that all these values describe ratios.

What I don't understand:

if ($OBJ > 2, -1, 0) results in all fragments staying fixed.

Often writing such a question seems to help:

My answer is:

This -1 is virtualising the situation, a fragment surrounded by too many -1's cannot break loose.

This looks much more promising:

[set always] Glue Strength: if ($OBJ > 2, 80000, 99)

[set always] Glue Impulses: 100

But I also see that my original goal is much harder to reach.

I wanted some kind of sandblasting parts from my cube, defining the 'smoothness' of the material by colors. Like a granite - sandstone mixture.

To find the right ratio for those glues is maybe more difficult than reading the point color from sop to dop ...

Can the internal glue value also be changed with expressions per 'subobject', I could't find it in the detail view ...


[1] http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?showto...l=internal+glue


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