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Crows agent layer concept (mis-)understanding (solved).

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Hi, I think I have a problem understand agent layers correctly, maybe anyone can help me with some hints. So I have a human character with e.g. one body, two shirts, two hairstyles, two beards and two shoe types which are skinned and deformed by the rig and I want to randomly use these elements. So if I understand the layering correctly we only can have one layer active. This layer have to contain all needed elements. So if I want my character to have two shirts, long and short, I have two layers, then I want them to have a beard what means a beard with long shirt and one with a short shirt, so I have four layers, next I want my character to wear shoes what results in 8 layers (shirts, shirts with beard, shirt with shoes, shirt with beard with shoes...). Can this be true? This would result in a huge amount of layers, this cannot be true so I think my approach must be wrong. I'd appreciate any hints, thanks. ... Okay, seems the CrowdAssignLayers sop node is the solution.

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