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Using Pointclouds In Custom Cop


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I am trying to bring in some attributes from point cloud to COPs by using custom VEX COP.

So i get wrong, different, and totally unpredictable results every cook even if i neither chage values of the parameters nor change point cloud geometry.

Where is a problem?

My code:

pc_image_gen(string pc_file = "";string attrib = "inside";float radius = 0.1;int maxpoints = 100;
			float scalef = 1)
	int pc_handle;
	float d, r, sum = 0, result = 0;
	float tmpF;
	vector pos = set(X,Y,0);
	pos *= scalef;
	pc_handle = pcopen(pc_file, "P", pos, radius, maxpoints);
	float npoints = 0;
		if (d <= r) {
			pcimport(pc_handle, attrib, tmpF);
			sum += tmpF;

	result = sum / npoints;
	Cr = result;
	Cg = result;
	Cb = result;

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Just a guess -

try initializing

float tmpF;


float tmpF=0;

You certainly know that in general it's better to initialize your variables that you are using in computation.

Or maybe adding an


statement after


could help as well.

hope that might help.

[EDIT] oh yeah - taking a second look at your code - this part can potentially be a problem -

result = sum / npoints;

- you iterate your 'npoints' inside the 'if' statement - in case your code doesn't get into that 'if' statement - you'll get a devision by zero, which will result in hactick artifacts, which resembles the problem you experience.

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