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One to One retarget without IK

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I'm in the process of building my own crowd pipeline and one of the things that's really giving me a headache(matrix math isn't my strong area) is doing some raw retargeting where it's just a one to one offset from a clip to a new rig (with same naming convention and base skel structure). I've nearly cracked it but the final orientation is off causing the joints when converted into a motion clip and applied to the agent to not be orientated towards the child joint due to the transform offset node messing with the final orientation and i've ran out of ideas on how to correctly fix it.


Here's an example file I made of the best result i've gotten so far, I've provided 2 agents, one is a very drastic case which I would probably retarget using Full Body IK but it's easier to see the issues with it compared to the other agent I've provided which is much closer in proportion to the original clip.


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