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Use Of Colons (:)


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I've been reading the section on DOPs in "The Magic of Houdini". I noticed some the scripts use colons in the strings. For example, I was told to enter the following in the Object 1 field of an Object Merge SOP: `stamps("../OUT", "DATAPATH", "../..:clothobject1/Geometry")`

What is the colon used for?

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the : is used to extract the data out of DOPS

so u can technically extract any data out,

a good example to understand this feature is available off the Craig Zerouni dynamics DVD

where by making a fetch OBJ, and using




you can connect an object underneath the fetch obj, you'll see that the fetch node passes the "position data" of that obj in the dop network through to the child.

hence constraining the fetch node to the position of the ball in the dop network.

so the ../..:clothobject1/:geometry extracts the geometry out of the dop network

hope this helps

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