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Houdini Cloth Used In Production


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hey all

Im trying to use houdini cloth in a commercial we're doing rnd on, and i was wondering,

thus far, who has used cloth for a clothed character?

I would really like to know that this road isnt just leading me to flags on a pole ;)

so if anyone has had experience in this, could you talk about where it was used.

thanks in advance

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hey all

so i've been playing around in cloth,


a little test of the cloff DOP

it looks really promising, even though its a quiet slow

-+2 hours for 250 frames, and i havent really optimized it,

we have this animated character we're always doing work on, its actually worth our while to try get a procedural solution where its almost a one button solve and have all the processing done on our renderfarm (1 thread, not spread over the farm). then bring the solved cloff back into xsi via the pc2 file format (which we currently use to bridge max and xsi), like magic :)

but makes me wonder, is this maddness?

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