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Aligning Multiple Copies


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I am copying multiple object through one switch with

fit01(rand($PT),0,(opninputs("../switch1"))) on stamp so they get randomly placed

problem I have is that all inputs into switch sop have different bounding boxes and I would like them to align one side by side each other?

So I need to have my template grid for copy sop shifting points depending on size of the object that gets copied on a that particular point?

I dont know if this is doable I have bounds of boxes and their center points but now I am stuck :)



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Hi Zoran,

I might be wrong...but I'd rather try to scale down or up each stamped object to fit the space in a grid? I am thinking of comparing factors between bounding boxes (in X and Z axis) and than scale your geometry by this factor. You start from grid yes? So I could try to stamp on points which lay in the center of the face. in that case BB box of each face gives you a space around it.

Would be great to see a file if you can send it?

good luck :)


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and thanks for reply

unfortunately I cant scale or tweak my copies since they represent finished model parts so they cant be altered in scale....I just need to distribute them for now on a plane not in some 3d order and make sure they dont overlap but stick nicely together like 3d tetris :blink:

I will try to get file up


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thats a clever idea and certainly would work I would like to stick with sops if posible and get as cheap solution as i can and then if it doesnt work go to dops or something in simulation region :unsure:


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