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VDB blocky meshing

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Hi. I'm generating some shapes, and then I want to add some noise to the surface using volume vop.

Using the vdbfrompolygons node with the "Distance VDB" parameter set to surface gives me nice results after meshing, but I can't use volume vop.

On the other hand, the "Fog VDB" parameter allows me to use volume vop, but after meshing, the surface is really blocky.

Both nodes use the same voxel size of 0.003. Lowering it doesn't help.

How can I preserve those smooth and sharp areas with added volume noise?


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Well in this situation having a super low voxel size won't give you better results because you are calculating density without pressing the fill interior button in the VDB from polygons your fog volume doesn't have enough density data for your Convert VDB

In your VDB from polygons, press fill Interior.

Also, lower your Voxel Size to 0.01, 0.003 is crazy high and in your, Convert VDB match your Isovalue to your Voxel Size so 0.01

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