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Maya On Linux With Sound.. (don't Laugh)

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if you scrub the audio files in the timeline maya on linux doesn't sounds as "nice" (detailed) as you get in Houdini? Maya doesn't play audio per frame advance either from what I can tell. I did a MEL script to go from the current frame back one frame then forward 2 frames and back to the current frame .. to "roll" around so I could get the audio to play on a frame advance, but that sounds crappy.

I did find this :


Our system guys have looked at the ALSA and the OSS settings and found that our setups are done in the autodesk suggested ALSA style, however maya 7 uses the OSS style based on the complie it was done with.

The ALSA pages suggest a few 'settings to tweak' but still nothing better.

Do you have any experience in this, OR know of anyone who could suggest anything?

How the heck do the 'big' studios get anything done with this software?



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