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Path Trhough Point Cloud


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I want to generate a non self intersecting path though 2d/3d space.

Think of a spacefilling structure - where some object is copied to every position.

To avoid double faces (reference point selected twice or more) I need to be sure that a point is skipped if the path passes it again.

I was thinking about using the pointcloud functions to find points in a given volume and removing those from the group being processed.

Would this be possible?

Or would it be better to produce such point-sequences outside houdini and import then into chops?

Another idea was to have a lsystem build a structure and process the this points for self intersection.

The resulting animation should look like this:


I did this with maxscript but deleted the double cubes manually - but using arrays/lists this would have be possible automated.

Thinking about it:

As all subsequent points need to be shifted in time this would require heavy choping.

Maybe the external method is better:

reading a pointcloudfile.

generate a path through it.

find double selceltions and remove them.

generate a point list (numbered)

generate a time list (where growtriggers are recorded)

genereate a normal list (normal of $PT pointing to $PT +1) - but this could happen in houdini.



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Houdini just told me again:



Base is a lystem generated curve.

Some normal/upvector manipulation and here they grow.

The douplicate cube (not visible in this shot) could be deleted by a manual group.

To get a start in pointclouds(?) I think I will search for a way to select points if they are to close.

happy weekend.


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