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Modify Ifd File

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This is a fairly newbie question, but I have rendered out a sequence of ifd files which took a bit of time to generate. Now all I want to do is to change my camera position. Is there a fairly straight forward way of modifying the sequence of ifds that I already have generated to take in the change of camera position? or do I need to regenerate the ifds with the latest cam position?

If there isnt, What I probably should have done is write out the geo first before sending it to render.


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Well not sure if you'd call it straight forward but I do a lot of post processing of ifds using python.

If you open the file in a text editor you will find quite a bit of it is humanly readible.

The problem with changing the camera position is it affects the transform matrix of every object so that needs to be recalculated. This can be easy if nothing in your scene is animating, just render a new set of ifds with just the camera and a box and take the transforms from the new ifds and replace the old ones. If things are all animating I can imagine that could be a bit of a headache.

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